Naked Rivals


On 8th October 2022, Kate and Andy had a lightbulb moment.
“With two full time jobs and baby number three on the way, we found ourselves drinking warm water with lemon juice each morning as part of our daily health routine.

As time went on, the daily grind of squeezing lemons became less appealing and increasingly expensive. Amidst the cramps, food cravings morning sickness, we thought; surely there’s a better way to enjoy fresh lemon and lime juice without the hassle?”

We started Naked Rivals because we realised lemons and limes had a bit of a problem. They’re delicious and nutritious, but also kind of a pain. All that squeezing. The pips and the peel and the price tag. Not to mention you never have one in the fruit bowl when you need it.

So we thought: why don’t we do the squeezing ourselves, and just freeze the juice? That way there’s no waste – no more forgotten, half-eaten lemons. People can just use what they need. And unlike bottled juice, with its preservatives and reconstituted what-have-you, there’s nothing in our cubes but fresh lemon and lime.

That’s another thing. We wanted to make Naked Rivals as sustainable as possible, which is tricky when you’re talking about packaged fruit. First step: recyclable. Our trays and boxes can go in the recycling bin. Second, we only use ‘ugly’ fruit, so we’re cutting down on food waste at home at the same time.

Think of Naked Rivals as sustainable citrus on stand-by. It’s there whenever you need it – for cooking, baking or cocktail shaking. So you get to squeeze more out of life.


Naked Rivals was born from a simple idea: that even the most natural of ingredients can still be improved with a dash of ingenuity. Our mission is to fight food waste at home, while promoting healthier lifestyles in a more sustainable way; whether you’re cooking, baking, or enjoying a drink, mocktail or cocktail.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to fight food waste while promoting healthier lifestyles in a more sustainable way. We empower consumers to make informed decisions about their health and the food they consume.

Our Approach

Naked Rivals is at the forefront of transforming ingredient consumption. We offer uniquely packaged ingredients that deliver value, while adhering to sustainable practices.

Value Proposition

Whether your passion lies in cooking, baking, hydration, or mixology, Naked Rivals is dedicated to enhancing those experiences. By streamlining the utilisation of ingredients and minimising waste, we aim to enrich lives in every culinary endeavour.